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HORIZON operates a burgeoning film and television PRODUCTION HOUSE & DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM

Our top-tier talent pool includes Hollywood stunt coordinators and accomplished Cinematographers.

Reach out with a script, treatment or breakdown and we can discuss collaboration. We are always on the lookout for new faces to add to our pool of talented creatives.

Get in touch if you would like to explore working together.

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Red Chairs


We host CURATED FILM SCREENINGS at our independent cinema (and also virtually if you are unable to make it in person).


In true HORIZON spirit, we screen a mixture of mainstream cinema releases and independent feature and short films emerging from our COMMUNITY.

Attending our community screenings supports the next generation of storytellers. If you would like to organise a screening in one of our spaces, please get in touch.


We have an experienced team of coaches, working actors and directors to help you not only set up the perfect self tape for that important first impression, but are also on hand to help you break down your scene and character.

Learn more

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Camera Lights

We offer portrait and brand photography in our SEAMLESS COLORAMA area, followed by professional re-touching on a swift turnaround basis.



In addition to HORIZON'S multipurpose studio spaces, we have a LITTLE BLACK BOOK of locations to call upon.

We can help source locations for your project, whether that's a single interior or exterior location or a package comprising Horizon studio space & other locations.   

Get in touch to discuss your project's needs.

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When you use a Horizon studio, we can source BESPOKE EQUIPMENT for your shoot or other project. 


Once we understand your specific project needs, we can discuss pricing and options and arrange everything to be ready for you in the studio on the day, giving you important peace of mind if you're racing against the clock.



Exploring PRODUCTION DESIGN? We collaborate with set designers, carpenters and artists who are part of our community and can put the right team together to bring your vision to life. 

Our larger spaces are designed to be multi-purpose and so we can provide a blank canvas space for you and then build from there as needed.

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