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Saturday, 9 March 2024
@ Cornerstone Studios
One day only: between 11am - 4pm

Gathering a curated blend of local artists dear to us, who we have encountered through our growing creative community and who we would like to champion. 

Predominantly based in South London, below is a brief showcase of some (but not all) of the talented artists we will be spotlighting.


Further information and visual assets available on request. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Felix price is a multi-media artist, creating immersive experiences. Based on a foundation of instinctual mark-making. Felix's art is a series of windows into other worlds and dimensions. The seemingly abstract line formations, whilst intuitively freestyled, are simultaneously grounded in deep, interconnected mathematical structure. Describing himself as a “spirit world diplomat”, Felix's mission is to connect people to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

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Inspired by nature and literature, Shangyu interplays between humanity and landscape, blending elements from both realms. Her paintings celebrate the unity of living beings, delving into the dynamic energy pulsating through humanity and the botanical world. Shangyu's art is imbued with positive and spontaneous energy, reflecting the essence present in every mortal being. Shangyu employs concealed hues derived from natural light to depict the vitality and resilience inherent in nature.


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As principal photographer for Smash Hits at the height of its reign as the standard bearer for all things fashionably pop in the UK throughout the eighties, Simon's signature work represents bespoke visual signposts for some of the biggest selling and most popular recording artists on the planet. Photographing touring heavyweights including Bruce Springsteen, The Jacksons, Meat Loaf, Blue Oyster Cult and David Bowie, from punk to the present it’s less a case of who is present than who never made the cut. His archives include Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Pretenders, The Boomtown Rats, Ozzy Ozbourne, Thin Lizzy, Lemmy (Motorhead), The Police, the list goes on...

Here comes the sun..jpg
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My paintings are letters without recipients.


In them, instantaneous is constantly emphasized. Things took place in the center of unknown time and space without precondition. It's a spotlight stage for emotion. Subject flows and looms, such a central but marginalized existence. Like written plays only stay on the rehearsal stage. Through paintings, I seek possibility out of impossible situations. Bodies and movements became deconstructed, directed by particular emotions, and formed new motifs. Performancing on the linen through transformation between figuration and abstraction.

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Changpeng observes inherent violence in the proliferation of images. Images, although seemingly innocuous, can carry an undercurrent of violence towards the viewer, manifested through ceaseless visual stimulation and an overwhelming influx of information that compels action. In this context, image itself becomes a form of violence. Through painting, photography, and film, Li explores the deeper meanings hidden behind the visual veneer. His paintings generate ambiguity and uncertainty in a search for meaning.

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Wenhui Nie is a contemporary painter whose works explore the intersection of animality and humanity, often depicts particular scenes of interior and exterior landscapes with light color and uncanny composition. She intends to recreate the state of randomness and be mindful about the tension in the painting. Under the continuous consideration and study of the essential relationship between human beings and animals,for her, the most important thing as an artist is how to express authenticity by using artistic language while makes a painting.

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Hackney Muse is a collaborative studio and online shop that specialises in artisan ceramics. It is founded by Alan Chmiel & Kasia Wawryszuk. We always dreamed of creating a platform that connects the work of independent artists with customers seeking beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our constantly evolving selection includes unique tableware and pottery such as raku and crystalline. 

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